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Li-ion Battery Charger 8241

Li-ion battery USB Charger PK-8241

World Premiere
3-Colors available: Black,Blue,Orange
3.7V/3.6V Li-ion 26650 22650 21700 20700 18650
18490 18350 17670 14650 14500 10440 16340(RCR123A)

1.Micro USB port,Used Globally
2.Small size and Lightweight
3.Independent Single Slot Charging System
4.Activate 0 voltage lithium ion battery
5.Identificate other type battery: when the connected battery is not a lithium battery,
the charger doesn’t charge, the Red Indicator flashes.
6.Power Bank Function,charge your mobile anywhere
7.Multiple Protection :
Short-Circuit Protection
Reverse Connect Protection
Battery Burning Prevention
Explosion Prevention
8.MCU Auto Management, Extand Batteries’ Life

Input : 5V/2A Micro USB
Output :4.2V 1 A* 4Slots & 5V/2A (Max) Used as Power Bank
Charging Indicators : ?? ? Red : Charging , Green: Power on or fully Charged
Charging model: Constant Current and Constant Voltage
Dimensions: 110mm *105mm*39mm
Weight: 133g
Compatible with?? ? 1-4pcs Li-ion 3.7V/3.6V rechargeable battery (Battery size : Diameter MAX 26mm , Height 34mm-70mm)
Set Packing included : ?? ? 1 pc Charger + 1pc Micro USB Cable + 1pc User Instruction Mannuel
Packing box:Colorful box packing or Standard White box

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